Welcome to Protected Varieties ltd

ProVaR is the place where you can find details of all the exciting plant varieties that can be licensed to UK growers in one simple step.

We are here to make it easy for you to grow a collection of the latest breeding work available such as Antirrhinum, Caryopteris, Coprosma and Sambucus as well as some old favourites like Sambucus Black Lace 'Eva' selecting from a range of trees, shrubs and perennials.

Enhance your plant range

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Growers in the UK who do not currently have a licence, this is your opportunity to be licensed to grow 149 varieties from some of the best breeders and plant developers in the UK.

Promote your new plants

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We welcome applications from breeders internationally who would like their varieties managed through this open system in the UK, we can make your plant instantly available to over 60 growers.